Thamas Flynn Plumber apollo beach Florida Review


I would not recommend this plumber.n nI contracted this plumber to rough plumb a wall for a future sink which I had in the garage and agreed to his price which I thought was somewhat high but I gave him the job anyway. When the plumbing was finished I asked him to connect the two lines to the sink cabinet while he was still at my house which he did.n nThe next day I get a bill for two hundred dollars to connect the sink to the wall. There was no mention of an additional charge to connect the two lines to the sink when he was at my house. I called him question his bill and said don’t pay it if you don’t think its fair. I thought this was a dumb statement to make and I agreed to pay him one hundred dollars for the additional 15 minutes and sent him a check. Three days later I developed a leak in the wall where he did his rough plumb and he refused to fix it because I did not pay the original two hundred dollar bill. This man never told me there would be an additional charge to connect two water lines and then to send a bill the next day is not the way to treat customers. Had I known of an additional charge I would have done it myself.

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