THAT Daily Deal Review


The customer service is the worst. They are cocky, they lie, they dump customers and cancel accounts rather than resolve the issues and admit mistakes. Their advertising is fraudulent. That’s what I reported them about. | They advertised the Snack With Me box as an $89.99 value for $29.99, however, the three boxes I received were barely a retail value of $50 worth of expired or expiring soon crap that didn’t sell. Their excuse? | “As for the Value of the items you receive vs the value of what we have posted at $89.99. Please note, we do an average for the value of the items we send. Each monthly box will vary in items as well as value. There will be months when the value is 89.99+ and then month when it may be $50+. Regardless, you will always have more product and value than what is spent on the box.” | However, the average of three boxes was still about $50 worth of crap. Still false advertising. | Since I reported them they cancelled my other subscription box account that I had not issue with. Here is how this company responds to customers. “Why would we keep you as a customer when you are expressing your unhappiness with us. You called us a fraud company and said we should get fined over a food box. We as a company have the right to cancel a customer account at any time, just like you have the right to flood our Facebook with complaints, report issues to the BBB and leave whatever review you’d like about the service.


  • Name: THAT Daily Deal
  • Country: United States
  • State: New Jersey
  • City: Johnson
  • Address: 168 Roweland Dr
  • Phone: 888-851-2304
  • Website:

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