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Complaint: I recently contacted the American War Library online in regards to getting a display recognition for CAR ribbon from my service in Desert Storm. After completing the online forms and making a payment, I was then required to summit a copy of my DD214 for proof that I had earned the ribbon. I sent my DD214 via email as a jpg since they requested no pdf versions. I was then contacted about needing to send my military service number via email back to them. I did that and explained that the numebr is also on my DD214 as it was after 1969, when they began using our social security numbers as service numbers. I reluctantly sent it any way as the first eight digits. And I then recieved no response after this point. I continued to email the AWL several more times without success. I’m now unable to get a reply as the address (accessible from their website link) is kicking back as “undeliverable””. The loss of money is small but this person was able to con me out of my service record DD214 which is very serious to me

Tags: Veteran Support

Address: I feel this man will use it to profit by selling my personal info and who knows what else. Please do something with this information

Website: 817 East Via Carmelitos Virginia Building 319 Long Beach, California United States

Phone: I am pretty certain that this is not the only avenue that this person is using to con people. Sincerely

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