The Art of Charm Review


I paid a TON of cash to train with who I THOUGHT would be a podcast host that I listen to and love, Jordan Harbinger. Jordan teaches networking, social dynamics, negotiation, etc. I get to the class and ended up getting a crappy dating class from two washed up wanna-be rockers, one who calls himself AJ Harbinger, only to be told that AJ Harbinger’s real name is Andrew Kaczorowski and he just uses the moniker “AJ Harbinger” exclusively ‘for branding purposes’. | In other words, this wanker ‘AJ’ is pretending to be related to Jordan Harbinger so that he can trick people into taking their course. Ridiculous. Of course, when I wanted a refund, there’s a TON of pressure, you’re already at the class having booked flights and time off, and so you’re kind of stuck there. | After the first day, I had had enough. These guys are a joke. We learned ‘improv’ tactics from some washed-up actresses that I could have taken at any comedy club for 2% of the price of this class. I’m married and successful in my profession. I didn’t need nor did I want any of this. These guys should be sued out of business. | I’ve since filed a compaint with the FTC and the BBB as well. There’s NO way these guys aren’t deliberately scamming people, and the knowledge from the class was an absolute joke unless you’re completely socially inept, on the autism spectrum, etc. | I am so pissed that they didn’t honor the refund policy. “We have not given refunds” in their estimation is basically because they REFUSE to honor their OWN stated refund policy. Screw these guys. I’m so angry. DO NOT BE FOOLED by these fraudsters!


  • Name: The Art of Charm
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Los Angeles
  • Address: 2216 Willetta Ave N
  • Phone: 1 888-413-7177
  • Website:

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