the best liar ever husband


Liar Cheater Man, XXX

if u encounter.this elusive.looser do not think.tiece about running he is in huge way looks fo screw woman online all the time has cheated to the first wife with other woman has cheated on the second wife and has abused emotionally and physicallt both of them in many way he is not a he will.oretend he lies he is shady and he is scum bag so ladies be carefull.this sad sap of a pathetic excuse for a human being will lie to u cheat watch porn in wich some of the woman are old enougj to be his daughter age in college and then use reliogion to make he keeps woman on all.side and tried to havs a wife wife found out what he really is and left this scum bag if you want a thin like this go but soon enough alll the screts and lies will.come out one by one and u will.see what he trully is

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