The Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc Complaint


Breeder/Cattery#260992. I purchased a kitten from Leah on 6/1/2019. I took the kitten to my vet who diagnosed him with a severe case of Coccidia. They prescribed him Albon. I notified the breeder at which time she told me one of her Queens had this parasite about a year ago and it spread through her Cattery. She initially reimbursed me for the medication. I have had to take him to another vet in order to obtain a different medication. She now refuses to reimburse me and is saying he got Coccidia due to stress. Coccidia is due to dirty litter boxes. She sent me a picture of him and his litter mates playing in dirty litter boxes. Her Cattery is not clean and as a result there is an issue with parasites. She needs to be fined and/or shut down.

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