The Company Store Lexington Kentucky Review


I ordered a couple of bedroom items for a friend for Christmas. I used the online ordering site of The Company Store. Several days went by and no package arrived even though I ordered the 2nd day delivery option. Out of curiosity, I revisited the online site only to find the order was not processed even though I am sure I went through the proper steps (I have ordered several items from this complany in the past using online ordering, so I am familar with the process). I have had multiple small problems with The Company Store in the past including items arriving in an unclean state, dirty packaging, ripped internal packaging, questionable material quality, and simple unexplained delays. All in all, a fairly disappointing experience. Most items, or similar such items, can be purchased from other online companies. In the future, I will do so. I will NEVER order another item from this company.

Wisconsin USA

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