The Flooring Factory Outlet margate Florida Review


The flooring factory outlet had sold us flooring of $100 more then what our square footage was. We clearly stated to them it was going to be too much extra flooring. Antonio promised that if when we finished laying out the flooring, there was any extra, we could bring the remaining floor back and receive a refund on the remaining extra flooring. Obviously there was a lot more we didn’t need. 5 boxes more! that’s about $20 a box! We go back to their warehouse to return the extra flooring, and Antonio and Yanni denied us the refund and said once you by you can’t bring back. That was not what they told us before the purchase. Clearly they were just trying to make the sale with bad intentions that they knew they sold us to much flooring and never acknowledged us as customers to fix the problem, and they have the nerve to hang up on me when I called about this issue. Terrible Terrible service and people these two Antonio and Yanni are! Ripping off others just to make extra sales is no way to run a business, and action should be taken on them and their business!

59 sw 12 Ave, Unit 106 Dania Beach, Florida United States of America

954-588-5552 / 954-253-70

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