The Gold Travel Redondo Beach California Review


This company sells package deal resorts in Mexico. They say it’s only $799 for a week. When you pay the add what they call taxes and all of a sudden you are billed $950 with NO explanation. Most often nobody answers the phone and often they don’t respond to emails for days. They lie and misrepresent the resorts , what is included and what the actual cost is plus how many days. When I finally actually made a reservation it was extremely painful having to send copies of drivers licenses and even proof that I was married…all to stay in a resort?!! Then I didn’t get an actual week but only 4 NIGHTS. To get a week I would be in some horrible place so to stay in anything halfway decent it was 4 days. Pricing of $950 for 4 days is a good deal?!! That’s more than retail. Then to make the reservation is another $99 but this time they also have taxes and they charge my card $150. Really…50% taxes. Don’t believe a single word they say. They lie, they charge your card for whatever they feel and refuse to give any breakdown or answer any questions. Then when you stay at a property you can’t stay anywhere else in the Cancun area on the same trip. In fine print at the bottom of something that you don’t see or sign until it’s too late, they say the trip isn’t valid if you stay anywhere else. So I’m supposed to fly to Cancun for 4 days and leave the country immediately. I was staying with some friends at another resort for a few days to extend my 4 day stay so that I have more time after traveling that far. So, they cancelled my reservation and refuse to give me a refund. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE. LIARS AND THIEVES.

Calle pargo nu00famero 8, sm 3, manzana 15, lote 23, C Cancun, Quintana Roo Mexico


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