The Law Office of Michael J. Holmes, PC Review


If I could give “zero star” or “negative stars” I would. BE WARNED: STAY AWAY FROM THIS ARROGANT AND DISHONEST CROOK BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Looks like good ole Michael J. Holmes had to launch a new Yelp account because his other one has such astonishingly atrocious reviews by so many people, including yours truly. | First off, I will say I am an educated man with multiple college degrees and am a working professional, and I will tell you, with God as my judge, this man completely f!#*!# me! He and his staff are so incompetent they told me I didn’t have to appear in court for a hearing, when in fact I did, and it landed me with a bench warrant for my arrest. | Holmes assistant, Daniel (whom Holmes denies ever having as an assistant) told me, “just stay at home until the hearing and try not to drive around in public, because if you get pulled over by a cop they’ll arrest you). | Yes, that REALLY happened – all because I was told I didn’t have to appear in court for a hearing, when in fact I had to appear because the judge had to issue a TRO (temporary restraining order), which made my appearance mandatory. | This story goes on and on – Holmes never taking my calls, relinquishing his duties to his assistant Daniel (did I mention Holmes denied having a man named Daniel ever work for him, the guy I was on a first name basis with for SIX MONTHS?). I will be happy to entertain inquiries in private messages and tell anyone who wishes to hear my story. | Additionally, when I expressed my dissatisfaction with Holmes, and him almost “defending me into jail,” he was arrogant, smug, and sarcastic, saying, “Wait a minute, are you saying you don’t want to keep me as your attorney?” Unbelievable! When I replied to him, not so nicely, his reply was, “I’m sorry I couldn’t help you Joe, but you will always be the criminal.” | I saved this email chain and will be happy to provide it to anyone upon request. This man is a disgrace to the law profession and should be disbarred. He IS the stereotype of arrogant, incompetent, slovenly “I don’t give a sh*t but will be happy to take your money and let the chips fall where they may” attorneys. | I hear Holmes has a new advertising slogan: COME TO THE LAW OFFICES OF MICHAEL J. HOLMES, WHERE YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE CRIMINAL! | Hey Yelp, what is up with allowing people to create multiple accounts when one has a plethora of crappy reviews? Isn’t that dishonest? Don’t let dishonest parasites like Michael Holmes get away with this.


  • Name: The Law Office of Michael J. Holmes, PC
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Santa Ana
  • Address: 505 N Tustin Ave. Suite 103
  • Phone: (714) 752-7037
  • Website:

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