Mark Price is a lying cut-throat that promises to pay one rate but acutally pays much less. He is a rip off artist who makes his living by shoving free cell phones down unsuspecting peoples throats. He will lie cheat and mis-represent to get a phone place and he pays his agent a pittance of what he actually makes. He is getting rich while his agent are working long hours with no breaks and no overtime. Not only is he dishonest when he is in the field placing phones, he is also dishonest when he explains the pay scale and when he says you will get bonuses…it is a complete fabrication. I am surprised that Assurance Wireless allows such flagrant disregard for their rules and regulation. He lies on the application to get approvals and even initials official document instead of getting it from the client. His entire business is a sham and he has been perpetrating his criminal activity on unsuspecting communities for years and now he is making his way across New Mexico. Beware of this shyster and do not take a phone or a job from him! Mark Price or Mark Thomas Price. The Lyceum. He pushes a lot of other products as well, his latest endeavor is with Viviant. Currently he is abusing Assurance Wireless, lifeline phone service.


  • Name: THE LYCEUM
  • Country: United States
  • State: New Mexico
  • City: Albuquerque
  • Address: 8809 Washington St NE
  • Phone: 505-312-8158
  • Website:

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