The Marilyn Monroe Memorial San Antonio Texas


Complaint: The Marilyn Monroe Memorial can indeed be seen to be racist in terms of containing racist partiality especially towards to one particular color group and race composition namely those of the Caucasian race composition. Part of the memorial aspect of Marilyn Monroe included the composing of a photo of Marilyn Monroe from the pictures of fans. The majority of the fans that were selected were of the one color and racial makeup which has already been stated above to be included in this composition of a photo of Marilyn Monroe. This clearly shows racist partiality that is given to one particular group of individuals above all others based on race and color being the criteria. It is for this reason which is indeed sickening and indeed twisted in its design that this devious and indeed deceitful aspect and act concerning this Memorial to Marilyn Monroe must indeed be highlighted and be reported about with the solid intent to expose racist partiality which seemingly exists in tribute to Marilyn Monroe as a whole.

Tags: Celebrities

Address: Westwood Memorial Park Los Angeles, California United States of America



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