The most unprofessional doctor I have ever met!


I moved to Texas a couple of weeks ago and was looking for a good OBGYN in the area. Complete Women’s Care Center was only a few blocks away from my apartment so I decided to go there. It was a really foolish mistake! I should have researched about the place before going there myself. I was too distracted by my new life here in Texas and it made it difficult for me to see the reality of Dr Steele. I should have evaluated their competence when I first called them, these guys NEVER pick up the phone. I tried calling them 4 times after which the receptionist answered as nothing happened. I ignored it as I thought that the receptionist might have been away from the phone. And when she did answer my call, she was extremely rude and ignorant. I booked an appointment and went to the clinic the next day. As soon as I checked in I saw the receptionist talking on her mobile phone while the office’s phone was ringing, SHE WAS ON HER PHONE! This clarified why she wasn’t picking up the phone when I called, this bitch doesn’t work. Even after seeing the receptionist, I did not back out and convinced myself that it must have been a bad hiring decision and it doesn’t represent the doctor’s skills by any means. I soon realized that I have set my expectations too high from the place when I met Dr Latasah Steele. She was trying to persuade me into getting treatments that weren’t even necessary. I went there for a routine checkup and Latasha was trying to hook me up with a couple of expensive treatments. She started asking me about the number of people I have slept with and when I gave her the answer she looked at me like I was some kind of a whore. That was a really personal question and no OBGYN has ever asked me such question during the appointment. She literally yelled, “Miss Greene here has slept with a lot of guys” and the whole clinic started laughing. When I was leaving the clinic I overheard the employees talking about me and gossiping about other patients. They were using foul words and I don’t understand how such a place is rated so high in Google. To make things even worse, these guys charged me double the normal amount and they did not accept my insurance. I had to pay for the whole overpriced horrible checkup in cash.

TL;DR: Dr Latasha is an asshole and everyone should stay away from her. The employees of Complete Women’s Caer Centre do not treat their patients with care. They gossip about the patients and try to humiliate them by any means possible. It was a big mistake to go to Dr Latasha’s clinic. I would advise each and every one of you to go to any other OBGYN but her.

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