The Motor Group Review


Found a good deal on a sports car here that was price at market value – no special deal here. I bought the used car without having a mechanic inspect it first (my mistake). I trusted that The Motor Group would sell me a good product because of the reviews I read on yelp. Because if you care about your craft, and are selling a product (and presumably know how to ‘fix things’ before selling them) you wouldn’t sell a product that is bound to break. Luckily I smelt burning within the first week of driving the car and took it to a shop. My car was leaking oil – and if it had not been fixed (for those of you who don’t know) this would have completely destroyed the engine and rendered my car 100% useless. I bought the car “as is” – so this would have been a complete waste of money for me (if you dont know the cost of a new engine is usually the same price as buying a brand new car). I was lucky. The repairs for the leaky oil pan and some gasket ran me about $2,000. It’s just a slap in the face. I even asked the guy before I bought it “Are there any areas of the car I should have inspected or looked into”. He looked me dead in the eye and said “No”. Are you ******* kidding me? If he was honest about it I could have been like “cool. Ok. Now I know what to look out for” – but no. So in my mind he deliberately put me in a worse-than-necessary risk for my finances and safety. Big ******* ****** ***. Lastly, my mechanic ensures me that ‘whoever sold you this car had to know the oil pan was leaking’. I believe my mechanic and since the oil was nearly empty after only a week of driving I would say thats even more proof that the lack of repair to my vehicle was malicious and deliberately omitted from my attention before my purchase. Lastly again – I actually did write a positive yelp review the day after I bought my car because everything was great. It isn’t until about 2 weeks later of having my car sitting in a workshop garage that I have a clearer picture. Stay away or at bear minimum bring a mechanic to help you negotiate a better price based on how injured your used car actually is.

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