The Penn Warranty Corporation Review


The product this company sells is not a value and is not worth anyone”s time or effort. The ilk this company has working for them and does business worth should be a troubling sign. If the dealership selling you a car offers this warranty, walk away. You don”t want to have anything to do with that dealer or that company. The contract doesn”t take effect right away, and has a clause that they will not pay for damage to a covered part caused by a non-covered part. They will try to trick you into saying some other part was damaged by a non-covered part and deny payment. There is no reason to do business with this company. Have a mechanic you like? You will sour your relationship with them when you pull out that Penn Warranty card. Worse, you will wait 3 days for approval and part delivery, and you”ll be end up actually paying more for a covered part. I paid more for an alternator WITH the warranty than if I just had the mechanic do the work without. I had to pay the deductible, then hear that the part is being shipped from some distributor, and my car was tied up for 3 days for an alternator. There is an auto parts store 1 mile away that had the alternator in stock. I barely broke even for the warranty for two repairs- An alternator, and a windshield wiper motor. I had to leave my car for days for one repair, and I had to bother people for rides, take the bus, and change my schedule for this warranty. There is a narrow set of circumstances that they will pay for. I say keep the business relationship between you and your mechanic, don”t by this warranty. If you”re worried about an older car, buy a new car! You”ll be happier, and the money you spend on a car payment will serve you better than money given to this “warranty” company. Another buyer beware- There are warranty companies that offer to pay the repair shop directly and not make the consumer wait for reimbursement. Some shops are refusing to honor the warranty because those companies are not paying the shops on time.

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