The place is filled with morons. You’d regret going there!


Oakridge Crossing Dental is nothing more than a joke. The dentists might be good but the staff is terrible. They lack basic manner. THEY MAKE YOU WAIT FOR AN HOUR!! Even when you book an appointment in advance, you’d have to spend nearly an hour there for the sake of getting a simple check-up. They don’t handle the appointments properly and waste your time. I had to go there for a couple of times. And whenever I visited, it was hell. I had to wait for nearly an hour every time I visited the place because the staff doesn’t know how to make appointments and uses wax crayons to write everything. I only went there for a couple of routine check-ups but all the visits seemed like a lifetime. And they surely did because of the useless appointments I made there. They ‘forget’ the details of your appointment and so they also forget to tell the dentist that a patient is about to arrive at the said time. I’m a punctual guy, I don’t like wasting anyone’s time. I always booked an appointment there before visiting the place. This way, things remain under control and everything follows a schedule. But I guess their staff doesn’t know this fact. Even after making those appointments, I was made to wait for long durations for random reasons. The receptionist doesn’t listen to what you say. She’s always too busy to look at your check-in slip. And I guess the only thing the receptionist there likes is her lunch-break. Not only the reception, but the rest of the place sucks too. As I said earlier, the staff has no knowledge of decency or courtesy. So, expect to get treated with frowns and rude faces. I had heard a lot of great things about this place for a friend. I was under the impression that it’s a great place filled with amazing people. Now I know that was just a wrong assumption. In reality, the place has a large number of scumbags. The hygienist did a terrible job on my teeth too. She cleaned my teeth very roughly and to be honest, I suspected that she might break a tooth or two during the process. I’m lucky she didn’t break any but I was scared that she would. The place wasn’t worth all this shit. I have now started going to a different place. They should realize the importance of treating patients with respect. After all, I’m the customer. The most troubling part for me was the messed up appointments. Those hour-long waits ruined my days. I even inquired there if making an appointment was even necessary because it was clear that they didn’t care about them. Don’t be fooled by their online reviews and website. Go there only if you like to waste your time and don’t have any self-respect. I’m not planning on going there in any case. Avoid this place at all costs. Trust me, you’d regret going there.

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