The Pool Table Movers LLC Review


Micheal knew we had a deadline to move a pool table. He quoted us 600$ and said he wouold move the table sunday morning. Once sunday morning arrived, he told us the pool table was bigger than we had said,(8ft and not 7ft) and he told us it would be 750$ instead of 600$. We felt bad that we had misjudged the measurements and of course we agreed. We had to move the table THAT DAY or lose it to someone else. | They brought the table to our home and set it up. We paid him 750$, THANKED HIM, and gave him donuts and he left. Well then we started looking at the table. My husband got out the measuring tape. Guess what? The table was only 7ft!! He overcharged us by 150$. So mu husband was sure it was just a mistake and called him and politely asked him to correct the over charge. He got angry and has blocked our numbers. This man scammed us and took us for fools and now will not correct the issue. Do not use this business. This man is untrustworthy and will scam you of he thinks that he can get away with it.


  • Name: The Pool Table Movers LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Michigan
  • City: Clinton Twp
  • Address: 40467 Emerald Lane West
  • Phone: (586) 362-7665
  • Website:

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