The Real 0ne Stop Shop Lawrenceville GA Review


Purchased a Gucci belt bag and Adidas Yeezy Wave Runner sneakers totalling $1297.80 using my credit cards through Apple Pay. Items that were supposed to be authentic, turned out to be counterfeit. Merchant ignored me for a while, and so I filed a claim through my cc company. My cc company denied the claim due to Apple Pay not allowing the dispute to be processed. Apple Pay placed a hold on my account, and I now realise a hold was also placed on the merchantu2019s account. At that time the merchant responded to me, acknowledged that I received counterfeit goods, and said that he would refund me, but that there was a hold on the account. Once the hold was removed, Apple Pay turned around and chargebacked me for one of the items, I never heard from the merchant again, and never received a refund.

1707 Marshall ave Newport News, Virginia United States

u202d(704) 207-1004u202c

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