The Tea Party Rochester Hills


Complaint: I have disposable addressses I use for sites I consider questionable. The Tea Party has bought 3 of these different addresses from scam companies. They email me the same emails daily 3 times. Unsubscribe doesnu2019t work. The emails, pretending to be political, are filled with advertisements for Internet scams and dubious services ranging from balding correction to smart phone sales. The typical format is to make some grossly inaccurate statement about democrats (the language is always alarmist, sometimes obscene, and multiple internet searches show patently false.) then every day they have a “surveyu201d asking the viewer if they agree with President Trump. If you actually take the “”surveyu201d there is no way to complete it without making a donation to this “”non-Profit.u201d I find it ironic that a “”non-profitu201d Email is loaded with spam advertisements designed to generate money for the organization. Emails are also extremely repetitive. For example

Tags: Fraud- Automotive, Internet Fraud, Non-Profit Group, Non-Profit Organizations, Politicians, Spam

Address: for the past week Iu2019ve been receiving the same copy stating that “”196 Democrats just made their move and are about officially file a federal lawsuit against President Trump to try and FORCIBLY remove him from the Oval Office. This isn’t impeachment. This is the single greatest coup in American History

Website: not when he needs us more than ever. If we fail

Phone: and the greatest witch-hunt of our generation. I’m sending out this email as a RED ALERT to American Patriots. The stakes have never been higher. The Tea Party can’t afford to fall short right now. Grassroots Patriots like yourself are how President Trump became elected in the first place

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