The Tile Zone Review


To Whom it may concern ; I Octavio hired Tile Zone in July 2015 to install wood floors in my home !! I was told it was a 4 to 5 day job and would be complete in 5 days. I hired them, they ordered discontinued wood with no available stair noses to match the wood !! I was then told there are no stair noses that match wood, Was a Lie !! it took 2 weeks to find out the stair noses were a different color, I then agreed on letting them match the stair noses to the closest finish of the wood, it delayed the process by weeks !! I then agreed on letting them work in my home while me and my wife were at work !! they had teenagers installing the wood, they were cutting wood in my home creating clouds of wood dust all over the interior of my home. I then said lets just get it done. the wood installation was complete and left with very bad measurement cuts thru out the floor they stated they would cover them and would not be noticed!! It was a lie, I then told them it needed to be done properly they had to remove the installed floor to replace with new Install !! they sent a couple of teenagers to remove the wood floor as they were removing they were ripping the existing foundation plywood, I then told them they need to replace the plywood with new, they did a poor job on that as well! they then proceeded to cut wood inside my home again, creating clouds of dust thru out the homes interior, they stated if we wanted the job done on time they needed to cut the wood inside the home ! again another Lie !! The second install also looks like the job of unlicensed contractors doing the work !! We have nails all over the floors elevated parts thru out the floors chipped bathroom tiles, patio stone tiles with saw cuts as the first crew attempted to cut on the patio floors !! I guess the weather was too hot so they proceeded to cut wood in the home, as we were not home most of the time they were working, they used our personal vacuum to try and collect the wood dust as they were cutting and destroyed the vacuum as well !! It is August now and the Job is not complete. I have placed a call out to the owner multiple times and have not gotten a response!! I just hear from his employees with tons of excuses !! I was also told by the lead employee Omar that a T strip that was installed at the top stair on second floor was going to be removed on the second install as it is a tripping hazard when going down the stairs !! that was also a Lie !! I have been told nothing but lies by this company !! I have pictures of the 1st and second install as well as pictures of the employees that were sent to my home to perform the jobs, as well as pictures of the way the home was left with clouds of dust all over the interior part of the home!! The Owner Mr. Isam Samara, Mr Hamsed, Mr Omar and the teenagers I have no names on, but do have pictures of !! I don’t want these people in my home anymore and will have to hire a licensed company to re do the entire job the proper way! and Tile Zone to be responsible for the cost. I have paid them $6000.00 Cash and have to give them another $2,100.00 which totals to $8,100.00 when they come to fill in all the nails that are visible thru out the floors and repair the tiles that are damaged and secure all the corner rounds and t strips. I will consult with state’s contractor licensing agency as to there licenses and permits to perform such work and will start with small claims court to try and resolve the issue to make sure they do not do this to any other consumers who work hard and pay a company to perform a professional licensed job and they send unlicensed crews to perform the work.


  • Name: The Tile Zone
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Long Beach
  • Address: 3677 Atlantic Ave
  • Phone: (562) 988-8429
  • Website:

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