The Ultimate Lock Houston Texas Review


Case Number 2013-24268-CA-01 Filed 7/17/2013 Miami Florida State Number 13-22013-CA-24268-0000-01 The Daniels are being sued for the following: Civil Theft, Conversion, Fraud and other charges that can be read in this public document filed in Miami Dade County Florida. The suit alleges that hey stole equipment stored in a warehouse in Miami. This along with other charges about their deceit & malicious way they do business. Please look up this case it’s public record and make your own determination on their alleged guilt If you have been harmed by the Daniels, Millennium Lock or The Ultimate Lock we urge you to seek legal remedies though the district Attorneys office in Harris County or Miami Dade County (State Attorneys Office) They are located in Texas and Live in Missouri City where they have their business in Stafford Texas. DO NOT Invest in any of their ploys to steal your hard earned money as they have with a long list of investors who have no seen a dime of returns on their money. ALSO if you loaned them money please make note that they have folded at least 2 businesses and filed for personal Bankruptcy in 2006 leaving creditors holding the bag while buying exotic cars, buying Jewelry and sending their kids to private universities on your money

3776 Greenbriar Dr Stafford, Texas USA


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