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I found tom Donovan on facebook. we have mutual friends. I had noticed, and made a mental note that he advertised himself as a marketing professional. I, being a financially struggling single mom of 4 kids and wanting to start up a business figured id contact Tom just for some marketing advise. he sent me his cell number at that point on facebook, immediatly! When i called him he was the nicest guy in the world. and i was impressed.I told him my situation, and he put all my worries to rest. I also explained to him, i was recieving my taxes and only had $2,500 to use and i was very nervous as i would never see that much money at one time in the near furure. Again, he put my mind at ease, while also telling me thats how much it would cost to use his services, and that it normally costs 5-10 thousand and he was doing me a favor. I even had a close Facebook friend call his brother, and all seemed great! Tom was calling me once a week, untill i gave him money. A week after paying him $2,500 i recieve in the mail, a letter from a middle man companey he uses, that was informing me that i have agreed to pay KO XO Kickboxing monthly installments of $250. Number one- who is KO XO Kickboxing, and secondaly- how did they get my account number? Well, its Toms Other scamming business. I had NEVER authorized “automatic payments” i paid Tom in full. When i contacted him about this, he stateted “this is how we do business” I wanted my money back but he said he has already done so much for me it even excedded the amount i gave him. BTW you cant even find my web-sight when looking up my services. I then found this “Rip Off Report” and then found Tom immediatly all over this sight. He has never done anything other than build me a 99 cent go-daddy web sight, and thats all. I have never recieved one customers phone call, not one. my web page is not visable unless you have the address. I want him to at least give me my web page so i can have control over it but no one has done it as of yet. i always get the run around. he never answers or calls me anymore but says he will call via text messaging but it never does happen. and when i called the office, he answers but claiming to be someone else. I told him im a single mom with no money now, and no clients, he then told me i was rude to him and his staff and will not work with me anymore. He is heartless. He deserves to be in prison. .

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