The Wireless Champs columbus Ohio Review


Overview: The Wireless Champs cell phone store at Polaris Shopping Center where I purchased my cell phone have not paid me the rebate amount due since I sent in the rebate form back in May 2006. nPurchase date: 05/24/06.nPhone Purchased: (two) Razor silver, one 6101 Nokia, one Motorola V360, and 1 Razor pink. nWireless Carrier: T-MobilenContract: 2-yr family plan with early termination fee. nOn 5/24/06, I purchased 5 cell phones with family plan for my family and I. I signed up for a two-year contract with early termination fee. The Wireless Champs issued me two types of rebate, which I both qualified for. nThe first rebate is the manufacturer rebate such as from Motorola. The manufacturer’s rebates were honored and paid timely. The second rebate was The Wireless Champs which was to cover the activation fees of each phone purchased, which was $35 per phone for a total of 5 phones. The rebate from Wireless Champs said “rebates will be sent in 2-4 months from activation as long as service is still active.”” nMy service is still active and it has been more than 5 months and my rebate check has not arrived. I paid my cell phone carrier T-Mobile the total activation fee of $175 and The Wireless Champs rebate was to cover that fee as part of its advertisement to sell cell phone for cheap. The Wireless Champs did not honor its rebate form. nBelow is a picture of the rebate form: nI filed complaint with the local BBB. Case unresolved with BBB since company did not response to BBB’s letter. nOanhncolumbus


1500 Polaris Parkway Columbus, Ohio U.S.A.


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