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This so-called director goes by Matthew David. His real name is Matthew Pimble from Brooklyn, NY. He posts casting calls for a play that he’s written and directs. He preys on hungry actors and their vulnerability and gets them to sell tickets to his shows. He doesn’t provide a contact number, only this generic email: [email protected]. He’s been doing the show, Life is Short Cherish Every Moment since 2011 and has casting calls every month (on and takes all the profit and none to the actors.
He is highly unprofessional and has no right to prey on people as he does on a monthly basis.
I am a victim of Matt Pimble’s fraudulent theater company along with dozens of others that I have statements from. Please investigate this guy and seize all of what is due to the actors that worked with him since 2011.. I demand Money owed from ticket sales. Stay away

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