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Very poor customer service. Ordered a fan motor for my Parlor 3000 pellet stove for double the price the fan motor cost a couple years before when owned by Thelin. Thelin sold, and another company bought out Thelin. Brand new fan motor did not work and had to send it back. We emailed and would not get a reply. We would call and there was no answer. We would leave a message on the answering machine but would not get a return call. I don’t know how many phone calls we made and how many emails we sent, but it was ridiculous. I haven’t received my cell phone bill yet, but the cost to call this company in the US by cell phone from Canada all the time because we don’t have a land line phone or any long distance calling plan, I am sure is going to cost a lot. I am furious with their customer service. I had to call several times, to find out if they were sending me a new motor and then phone again to get the tracking number etc. I never did find out if they are sending a new motor or they fixed the bad motor. We have to wait to receive the new motor to find that out I guess, cause I am not going to try calling again. They claim exceptional customer service, but this is not true in my case. When I asked for a tracking number over the phone because they didn’t send me one. I asked if it was coming by UPS and she said yes by Priority Mail. I tried the tracking number at UPS website, and it did not work. I called again thinking I didn’t write the number down correctly, and no answer. Left message on answering machine and did not receive a return call. Finally we called back the following day, and were told it was sent by Priority Mail. We told her that we didn’t know what Priority Mail was because we live in Canada. We finally figured out that there is UPS and USPS. By the time we figured out the tracking number our part had already arrived in Canada. We suggest that when Thelin sends out a part, they inform the customer of the tracking number without the customer having to call to get the information. We also suggest that Thelin return phone calls and emails the same day or following day. Emails we sent were never replied to.

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