The title of my complaint basically says it all. I used this editor on a few different projects. Unfortunately, since she seemed personable and seemed to know what she was doing I didn’t question her work. This turned out to be a huge mistake. I heard from several people that my books were riddled with mistakes, which I eventually wound up looking at myself after becoming aware of the editor’s poor work ethic. While working on an edit for a novel I had written I caught her on Facebook every fifteen minutes. As I should have expected, it also was riddled with mistakes. This came to my attention after it was released. I looked over the manuscript, which looked like it hadn’t been touched by said editor. Embarrassed by such a poor quality book, I pulled it from Amazon and am currently in the process of having it edited by a reliable editor.

Wanting to ensure her treatment of my books was due to her own low quality skills and not a personal issue, I read and reviewed a few other books with her listed as the editor, the last one actually listed her as an author, which I know she is not. That review led her to call on her supporters to begin a cyber bullying campaign on GoodReads. A reviewer, who happens to be a top supporter of Ms. Ringsted and the publishing company she is linked to, publicly attacked my review two days after I posted it, which happened to be ten days after she herself reviewed it, this proves she was put up to it. Why would this happen? Because I am warning others and I am now editing myself and she knows I am reputable.

Ms. Ringsted knew all along that I do offer editing to fellow authors and do so at a lower rate than she does. This was why she wanted me to work with her, but after seeing how many careless mistakes she makes I left her company, I didn’t want to risk being linked to a company that was scamming unsuspecting authors out of their money and tainting their publishing dreams. Anyway, she sent a message to an author, who is also an editor with the company I am now with, Phoenix Fire, that she knew I was editing again the night before the attack began.It’s also worth mentioning that I used to be an author at Anchor Group Publishing, which is the company Ms. Ringsted works for. I saw firsthand how the CEO, Stacey Rourke, who is also an author, called for all the authors to stroke this editor’s ego. and let the news slip to supporters of the group so they could publicly defend the editor after the her skills were questioned.

Everyone should steer clear of this editor. When she confronted her only defense is to say that there are two sides to every story. However, she never tells her side, which proves she doesn’t really have one. Another thing, she won’t return the money, which she once again gets back up from supporters to get disgruntled clients to back down.. I demand She will never pay me back, no point in demanding money. My demand is for the truth to come out in an equally public apology.. Stay away

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