Theresa Bachert – Round Lake Beach, Illinois Illinois


Theresa Bachert is a dirty gal, that enjoyed sleeping with a co-workers husband, while her children, her husband and her co-worker’s children were in the same house. She spent two years cultivating a relationship with her mentor and co-worker, while secretly banging said co-worker’s husband. Theresa pretended to be a friend by integrating their children together, babysitting and just all around, “being a good friend”. A week before Christmas 2017, she made the decision to blow it all up and do the deed with her co-worker’s husband, while all the kids were sleeping, in the next room. Theresa and the dirty rotten husband were caught by Theresa’s husband, in the act. Theresa is a high school science teacher. She has two small children. What kind of morals and values is she instilling in our youth of today? What kind of person pretends to be a “friend” while secretly banging their husband? This kind of person.

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