Theresa Marie Ankney – Murfreesboro, Tennessee Tennessee


This girl right here Theresa Marie Ankney is the biggest slore I’ve ever meet in my life, she has a baby by my friends brother, well he went to jail for 3 months and she was already pregnant by another guy… anyways I know the girl, we have all hung out before, well since she’s a miserable piece of crap who lives from house to house ,pawning her kids off to babysitters so she can go whore ,well I got cancer last year it was cervical, so of course I couldn’t have sex at the time well my man and this bitch start talking and end up fucking Rach other ,god only knows how many times ,he took her to the beach for one day so of course she thinks she’s really doing something ,well I confronted both of them when I found out ,and she’s lime I always knew he wanted to be with his family and I respected that ,but at the same time ,she’s telling him to leave me and our two kids ,mind you she has two of her own by two different men who both left her ,and when he told her to leave him alone that he just wants to be with his family it pissed her off she was cussing him out and telling him all kinds of shit ,basically she’s mad cause she got used and he realized how good he has it at home ,she’s tried this with her own sis in laws man ,who does that ,she’s a true definition of a whore and az homewrecker, shed still tries to piss me off by saying oh he tried to get my number again blah blah it’s a lie ,I just don’t understand why bitches like to play second ,she’s a dirty ass bitch and karma will meet her soon ,so if your in Tennessee watch out for this bitch because she don’t have any respect for herself nor anyone else ,now she sits there looming dumb cause he left her and came back home ,act like a hoe and that’s how you’ll be treated

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