Theresa Quinn – Campbell Hall, New York New York


The truth always prevails. This UGLY EVIL SLUT thought she would win in the end even when she was cut off at the ankles and thrown out like a piece of trash and didn’t even know what hit her! Calling Theresa Quinn a NARCISSISTIC SOCIOPATH doesn’t do her justice. This Evil parasite thought she could eventually lure a married man who was insecure and had lost an infant child but knew had a family of his own and apparently wanted what he had in his family that she was lacking. What dimented inhuman disgusting DNA is she made out of?? Tried to play the act that her life was perfect and once she plays him for a good while starts laundering about how she wished she had a white collar husband instead of the blue collar she was married to. The gamma of compliments and making him feel bigger than his whole family did and how he was better and deserved more. The best was how she complained about her husbands family that she despised every single one of his brothers and family members. Thought she was the creme of the crop that was raised in Atlanta, Ga with Champagne and Caviar on golf courses and came from money unlike what she married and tried playing the damsel in distress that her life was so miserable. She forgot to mention the secret skeletons of her own background of where she came from. I guess she wanted to change out her own 2 kids and husband for a family she wasn’t capable of building on her own. Kept tooting her own horn how she was the best worker and everyone else in her office were all idiots. That she is so well liked has so many friends. She even had total vengence for one of her female supervisor that she should of been supervisor. This psycho works at a financial automotive institution and can’t move her own way up the ladder of success is why she decided to start screwing to anchor herself and thinking it would put her on the map. Instead, everyone who saw her coming around started realizing what her true intentions were and what a true loser homewrecker she really was and ratted her out. This loser started stalking his minor children with social media trying to disguise herself by using her own daughters social media to stalk if that doesn’t tell you enough how psychotic she is to put her own daughter out for her game playing and showing how beyond stupid are you really? Couldn’t believe that she turned out to be a real “Bunny Boiler”. Still won’t let go because she was cut off from the only one thing that fell prey to her lies and deceit. Having flabby and chicken rough skin is the impression she left with the man who cut her off but knowing she wasn’t the best in keeping it “up” is a true indicator when she tried showing the grass was greener on her side and it sure wasn’t. So true how the man she tried screwing over in the end understood that he had affaire’d down while she was trying to affair up. This slut thought she was going to run off into the sunset and live a happily ever after story……That sure didn’t happen and THERESA QUINN gave herself the fame in proving that she has no class or dignity and is definitely a “SHESAHOMEWRECKER”! Beware of who she really is.

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