Theresa Scimone – Chicago, Illinois Illinois


So this Home Wrecker wrecked her own home. She has been caught red handed numerous times cheating with her husband’s friends, family members and co-workers. She even had an on going relationship with her husband’s sisters baby daddy. She is a poor excuse for a mother as well, she has been using her 3 beautiful girls against their Dad and has even stooped so low as to have the middle daughter jump on the youngest and kick the oldest in the ribs possibly breaking them and then pull a knife on her all while she was standing by encouraging her actions. She is playing each one against the other and then blaming their father because he has finally seen the light and decided to move on with his life. She is truly a sick, sadistic and scornful person who cares nothing about the well being of her children as long as she gets what she wants. She has abused and used the poor guy so long that she too, thinks it is normal and refuses to allow him to have happiness and in the process she does not care who she hurts or how she gets what she wants. Everyone deserves happiness, at least that’s what I use to believe until I found out about this one… she does not deserve happiness. She deserves a good swift kick in her a** and to be treated the way she has treated her kids and her husband for as long as she lives.

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