They are going to disappoint you and your children big time!


NEVER HIRE MR. MAGICO!!! It was my daughterís 5th birthday and I wanted to be as special as possible. I rented a special place for the birthday ceremony and paid the guys at Mr Magico, some big bucks to perform a one hour show on the birthday. I was going through a rough phase in life during my daughterís last two birthdays, and they were bland as hell. I couldnít even afford a cake for her birthday. But this time I had some good cash in my pockets and I wanted to make up for the bad birthdays she had. The only mistake I made was to hire Mr Magico instead of getting a clown or something. The magician not only showed up 2 hours late, but he even said words like Fuck and shit in front of kids ageing from 2-6 year old! Most of my guests had already left by the time the lame ass magician from Mr Magico arrived at my doorstep. And while I booked and paid for a full one hour show, he only performed for 40 minutes after which he said,Ē I have to go now, because I have a dateĒ and then without even listening to me, he just left! I donít care if he had a date or not, these guys took my money while not providing me with the proper service! Being two whole hours late is a pathetic thing to do, in itself and when you get almost half of what you paid for, anyone is going to get angry. I wrote a review at Google Maps, to show people the reality of Mr Magico, however, Mr Magico threatened me via email and told me to take down the review. Not only that, they even claim that it was not their fault. They claim that I gave them the wrong address whereas I have photo proof that submitted the perfect address in their form. They even claim that they gave me an offer for a full refund, but I was never told that I could get that! They only said all this bullshit to make sure that people donít see their real side. They wrote total bullcrap on their reply to my review and it is sad that most people are going to believe that they are telling the truth. And to make things even better, Mr Magico blocked me from adding a reply of my own on that review!

If you could take on thing from this post, then it is not to hire Mr Magico. They donít know the value of timing, customer service and their service is SHIT. The kids had a good time at the start of the show but the show became dreading after just 6-8 minutes! I would advise everyone to stay away from this overpriced company. There are much better and cheaper companies which are providing better services. And Iím sure that any company can do better than Mr Magico.

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