They behave rudely with small kids


Trusting Kona Kids Dentistry for my daughter was the worst decision of my life. Her first dental checkup turned out to be a nightmare and I am not sure how Iíll be convincing her for future ones. My daughter Sophia is around 26 months old and all her teeth are almost grown out. The other day while I was teaching her how to brush her teeth I saw a black spot on her lower front teeth on inquiring if it hurt too which she replied no I was a bit comfortable but still I wanted to get it checked just in case it was something to be worried out. The two of us had gone to the monthly tea party where Sophiaís friendís mom told about this really good dentist, according to her, for kids on hearing my concern. I decided to go and visit this place the next day for an appointment as no one answered the call. I went there with Sophia the next day and she very much liked the place. The ambience was very friendly and they had the place customized for children with bright coloured walls and cute wallpapers. They had divided the clinic into two parts one was for 1 – 8 years and the other was for 9 Ė 16 years of age. I went towards my respective side and on to the reception. I asked about the details and told them that I wanted a general checkup appointment. Sophia was attracted to the playing corner which had cute stuff toys and playing things. I anyways confirmed my appointment for the next day at 6 p.m. and took Sophia towards the play area. After around a while I took her out by bribing her for McDonald’s.
The next day we were on time but on coming I got to know that my slot had not been written and they sent someone else at my place. I had to wait for an hour till my turn as the receptionist that had taken my appointment was on leave and she didnít reserve my slot. Sophia didnít care as she was happy playing and thatís the only reason I wasnít bothered a lot too. As I was scrolling Instagram I was called for my turn and we went inside, the room didnít look like the part of the clinic. I was astonished to see the dirty room with a worn off chair and dark interior. Sophia started to cry on seeing the equipment and I panicked. On enquiring, I was told that we are renovating the place and it will be soon good. There were no toys or anything to keep the child busy and the doctor came inside with a mask with made her cry even more. It pretty much looked like the staff was not trained on how to tackle kids. They had no chairs for such small children and brought a feeding chair for her to sit on while getting examined. The attendant tried to forcefully put her in the chair on which I stopped her to which she rudely replied that this is how it is done. I was furious but stopped myself from saying anything rudely and just politely replied: ďI donít want it to be done this wayĒ. I was sad about seeing that the necessary equipment was placed in the drawer without any covering and looked like it wasnít sterilized.
I just left the place without saying anything and tried to calm her down. I decided to look into everything next time before bringing Sophia.

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