They cheat people wisely


I had life insurance for my brother through colonial penn for a couple of years. He passed away 2 years back. The case was documented and a duplicate of the demise evidence submitted. They have denied the case (it is $10,000) on the grounds that they state i lied when we got the protection.
They ensure acknowledgment so there would be no motivation to lie. They pose a couple of inquiries and the appropriate responses were “no”. My brother had a couple of things therapeutically off-base yet not the inquiries they posed. I don’t think i should volunteer other extra information than what was inquired. When he kicked the bucket years after the fact the passing authentication plainly demonstrates the reason for death was from “4 days” sooner and 3 basic causes were from “weeks”.
So there is no real motivation to deny the case. What’s more, clearly, by the passing endorsement, he didn’t pass on from whatever he had when the protection was bought. It’s decent how they can take premium installments for yrs and then deny a case and i am simply out. It does not quality contracting on the grounds that would cost more than i’d get and they realize that and that is the way they pull off this.
I’m very certain i’m not the first and won’t be the last.

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