They don’t hold onto their words, have miss committed with their customers.


People living in rural areas get stuck with their slow DSL or with their cable internet as they have minimum access to the internet. Fast rural internet claims to deliver one of the top internet speeds in rural areas of America to get them connected with the rest of the world. They claim to have one of the best internet packages as compared to other internet service providers. People have reported that their internet services are slow after sunset and when the weather is bad. They have hidden charges and fee without any prior notice to their customers. Customer service is terrible and the technicians do not even show up until and unless you visit their office.
Your customers are your priority and you want to deliver them one of the best services so that they can remain loyal to you but Fast Rural Internet have done the total opposite of this with their customers. They claim to provide the best speed but they don’t. They have lied to their customers. My friend had called and asked for the reason of slow connection as he was only getting 200kps of speed but his package was predetermined for more than that. He was told by the representative that his internet speed was never going too slow but that was a lie. He urged that even after paying a lot, he is not satisfied and wants to shift to his previous data connection provider as it was cheaper and more efficient.
Fast Rural Internet claims to give one of the best services, and you would also get the free installation but it’s not the case so far. They have charged customers high rates in terms of installation charges and the hidden charges are infinite. One of the customers who claimed to get free installation by Fast Rural Internet says that the sales pitch should include the installation charges as it is only misguiding the people. She was charged around $75 in terms of installation charges.
Lately, people have shown concern while working with this company. They have been skeptic because the Fast Rural Internet has lied to them in terms of their services. Another customer who misguided showed how Fast Rural Internet is keen to make money from customers pocket without providing services. One of the customers called Fast Rural Internet and the representative told her she would get free installation with unlimited access to the internet. Customer set up an installation date, the representative told her there would be a hold placed for 60 dollars on her bank account but no transaction will be made until the installation. But what happened was shocking. The customer reported that Fast Rural Internet took out $150 in name of installation charges. She called their customer service again and was told that the installation charges were not for the plan she chose. This made the customer angry as she was initially promised free installation but did the total opposite. The customers feel that this company is only making money and there have been some shady things going on in this company lately.

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