They need better amenities


I’m writing this piece of an article not just to rant about the bad experience I faced at the Shasta District Fair & Event centre but to create awareness for the people attending it in the upcoming years. I was called for the social media coverage of the yearly largest Shasta District Fair, and to be honest, my expectations were pretty high as I had been hearing a lot about it. Not an exaggeration but the event was a huge mess. From décor to food to management everything nothing was sorted out.
Such events take place only once a year and with such a massive audience, around 75,000 people it is very important to organize everything properly, I believe each and everything should be cross-checked at least thrice to refrain from any chaos at that moment. As we all know June is considered to be comparatively hot as compared to the rest of the year in California so I was expecting a pretty air-conditioned environment with chillers installed but as soon as stepped into the place, my expectations felt like a mere dream. Alas! Experiences are what makeup life.
Coming over to what how I saw the event, fast forward that day, I dressed up pretty formally as a social media coverage person should be. I had been told that there will be another person who’ll be covering the event with me as obviously it could not be covered by one person as it was a really large scale event. As soon as I went there all boosted up to give my best, seeing the setup made me more enthusiastic to cover every detail. Everything was up to the mark with separate sides allotted for different purposes. Towards my left were livestock exhibits whereas to the right were different stalls of arts and crafts. In front of me was a huge carnival with food and entertainment.
I was in a world of my fantasies on the view and how beautifully everything was in place until my manager broke to me the news that the other girl that was appointed with me for the social media coverage won’t be able to make it. She further said that I will have to cover everything as nothing else can be done at the last moment. The world seemed like falling that very second and before I could utter a word of disagreement she left saying I know you will manage it and that’s when the bad time started.
All the food was on the ground, the decorations cluttered on the floor and all rides and games messed up. One little event ruined it all. People started going back and nothing went as planned all because of the management issuing more tickets and letting more people in than the capacity. The strategy of making extra money cost a lifetime of a bad reputation.

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