They were useless


Recently my cousin was put behind bars for the illegal usage of drugs. He became a drug addict as a teenager, it was getting hard for him to detox himself. We sent him to a couple of rehabilitation centres but he either ran away or the insurance wasnít accepted. It was obvious that, if this kept on going, one day he would get caught and put behind bars. Unfortunately, this happened and he is still in jail now. I meet him very frequently and now after seeing the bad side of the prison, he had decided to change himself. After making many promises and convincing me to let him out, I decided to do something. The trial was going on and since he was in jail since last year, he was sick of the jail. It was time that I did something to get him out of there.

I came to know about the system of bail bond services by which the victim could be outside the jail under the custody of the judicial department. It was the only way to get him out so I started searching for the bail bond services that I could afford. I found out about through one of my friends Avolevan Bail Bonds Pomona. They were the only firm with a good reputation that fitted my budget. I scheduled an appointment with the lawyer who would handle the case of my cousin. I met him and he was very good in the beginning and assured me that he would get my cousin out pretty soon. However, they later revealed how much exactly they charge, and MAN thatís a lot of money. The price was quite high but I arranged the money to proceed further because I didnít want my cousin. The payment was done and I was relieved that they would do something. They went to meet my brother and talked with them, they called me the same day and told me that the case was very complicated because my cousin had consumed every variety of drugs and it was very difficult for them to let him out before the final trial.

They said that they would try their best and for the first few days they went to meet my cousin frequently. I was unaware of their rude behaviour which my cousin told afterwards. I was told that both the bail lawyers were very rude and arrogant and didnít listen to him much. The lawyers scared him at times too. My cousin said that it would become difficult if they kept on communicating like that. I talked with the lawyers and they were being very kind to me and said that they were trying to get him out. There was no positive result in a month and my cousin was still inside. The payment was made every week and it was at this time I realized that my money was simply getting wasted at this firm.

I cancelled all the subscription with the Avolevan Bail Bonds Pomona, they were useless all the way. They did not help my cousin and were very rude. I have selected a better bail bond service and my cousin was out on bail within a week. I wondered what the lawyers at Avolevan Bail Bonds Pomona did wrong. Please donít go to them, they are useless.

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