ThinkSign Review


ThinkSign is a Chinese import electronic message center company. I have purchase many signs from this company for resale because of pricing. The company assured me that even though their prices were much lower than the American and quality import companies, their product was competetive and they would stand behind their product. Unfortunately, the evidence is now in. | ThinkSign products are not only inferior,the comany does not stand behing their product. Touting a 5 year parts warranty, we have found, they not only don’t have parts in stock in Louisville,Ky., the parts are not even available at all. This type of company buys from the lowest bidder in China and resales in the U.S. at enormous profits. If you want to do buisness with this company and want to check out what I am saying try to reach upper management for information on customer service. | Their are some very good import electronic message center signs as well as American brands that do stand behing their product, this is not one. We have given this company every opportunity to take care of it’s customers with no results. If you want information about this or want to be involved in further pursuing your issues with think sign, please respond to this complaint by registering your own.2017-02-21


  • Name: ThinkSign
  • Country: United States
  • State: Kentucky
  • City: Louisville
  • Address: 5680 Shepherdsville Rd
  • Phone: 502-272-4931
  • Website:

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