Thomas H. Johnson Review


Thomas H. Johnson is an Attorney Out of Frisco, Texas. I was being sued by a debt collector that purchased an old debt and trying to collect on it. I know that it’s difficult to get an outstanding result in such cases. | However, Thomas had me look up his winning stats on some website he had. It looked very promissing. This debt collector was from out of state. So I figured I had a good chance. Thomas charged me $400.00. This was back in 1/2014. He emailed me his responce to the court. I figured, cool I’m good. | Towards mid year, I started trying to get in contact with him. It was very difficult. I kept getting , Oh I’m in trial, I’ll get back with you. Attempted again, Oh, I’ve been in a big defense case and been sicker than a dog, I’ll get back with you. Tried again. No response. Tried again, No responce. Finally, got a hold of him. Now he says, I’m relocating, as soon as I get settled, I’ll contact you. Well he never did. | Finally, 1/2016. I find out where the court was and tried to cantact them. When I spoke to the lady, She told me that a judgement was filed against back in 1/2015. The whole time I was trying to contact him and getting his 101 excuses, my suit was already settled and in favor of the Plantiff. The lady at the court told me that because nobody showed up, I lost. | Thomas H. Johnson is a crook. He takes peoples money, and thinks we won’t say anything. Be aware if you recieve any solicitation from this law firm.


  • Name: Thomas H. Johnson
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Frisco
  • Address: 6136 Frisco Square BLVD Ste:400
  • Phone: 972 767-5964
  • Website:

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