Thor Johnsen Tabulam Alabama


Complaint: In March 2012 I contacted Thor Johnsen at Marble Classics and agreed to pay him to make me a statue to my specifications. The quote was for $7150.00 US including the mold but not shipping cost. In late June 2012 I paid him $4290.00 to begin the project. On 29th January 2013 I paid him $1650.00 and on 11th March 2013 I paid him $4350.00 to complete the project and which included the mold and 5 miniatures and the shipping cost. This was about $4000.00 more than the quote but he said there were extra costs involved and the shipping was more than he had budgeted for. Since he received my last payment he has refused contact with me and I suspect that he has deliberately and systematically ripped me off. All communication on his part has now ceased and he refuses to give me any pictures of the statue or a shipment date which leads me to believe the statue was never made.

Tags: Sales People

Address: 7755 Owensmouth Avenue Canoga Park, California USA


Phone: 8186359800

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