Thousand Trail Cape Charles Virginia Review


My husband and I bought a pop up camper and were tried of how much it cost to go camping in the Virginia State Parks, so we decided to join 1000 Trails. I called the 800 number and talked to a woman there and she said that we could go look at the perserve in near our house. My husband and I went and looked at the perserve. It was really nice and we like the fact that we could go camping all over the East Coast. We bought the membership. We payed $500 for the membership and made our reservations to go the following weekend. nWe get there that weekend and are told that we needed to pay $35 a night to camp. We did not understand why. We had 30 nights at no cost and then $3 a night after the 30 night were done. We were told that our membership had not been filed yet, but we would get our money back in about 2 to 3 weeks. So, we paid the fee and camped. nAbout a month later, we booked 3 nights at Harbor View perserve in the Northern Neck of Virginia. We get there and a lady comes out and tells us that we can pick one of 4 sites to camp on. The 4 sites back up to a pump station that wined the whole time we were there. I’m getting a head of myself here. We pick the awful site and start to set up camp. We put the camper up and plug it in and there is no power. No one told us that the power was out in the entire campground. Because we were a good 4 hours from home, we stayed. Now it was 100 degrees and no pool. We thought we would go down to the river and go swimming. There is NO access to the river from the campground. The putt putt was closed. The activity center had air conditioning, but the games in it were broke. The basketball goals were broke and the whole place looked like a dump. nWe never it get the $75 dollars we had to pay back. DON’T get a membership to these parks.

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