Thousand Trails Virginia Beach Virginia Review


Thousand Trails offered my wife’s elderly grandparents a “free getaway weekend”” for us to use. nWhen we got to the gate

late at night with 3 children sleeping in the back

we were told we had to pay to get in but would be reimbursed after we attended the “”welcome center”” orientation… (SALES Pitch presentation). nWe paid because if we didn’t it would have been a 2-3 hour drive home in the dark. nWhile paying $186.00 for a 3 day

2 night stay in a reasonably nice cabin would not be a bad deal if you were expecting to pay for it… We were told by Thousand Trails employees that it would be free. nWe we never reimbursed! When we called the park manager

she suggested we get the $ back from my wife’s grandparents because they booked the “”weekend getaway”” wrong for us. nKeep in mind that her older grandparents paid Thousands of Dollars for a lifetime VIP membership. They paid extra for the VIP so family can use their membership to get these free “”getaway weekends””. nDon’t beleive the sales pitch. Don’t buy a membership. Save money and buy yourself an acre of land in the country to camp on. nNo One at the park knew what anyone else was talking about. I think if they all act confused enough

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