Thrifty Propane Review


DO NOT pre-buy propane from Thifty, they are a a scam and a poster child for poor customer service, oh wait, make that NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. | We pre-bought propane in the fall of 2017. Everytime we needed propane, we could never get a hold of anyone. You order the propane on line and you never hear from them again. They deliver when they feel like it. First they will tell you 10 days, when you call, they will tell you 10 business days, when you call back because they did not deliver, and they tell you its been changed to 15 business days. They put the prebuy customers on the list for last delivery because they already have your money and they are delivering everyone else first. When you call and ask for an estimated delivery date, they send you to “dispatch”, which is a voicemail that NEVER returns your calls. | I promise if you pre-buy from thrifty at their “lowest price”, you will be calling other companies for an emergency refill to keep from running out. We spent more money on emergeny fills from other companies to keep our take full, than we saved on the pre-buy from Thrifty. | We know other people that had the same experience with Thrifty as we did. | THRIFTY PROPANE SUCKS!!!!!!!!! I HOPE THEY GET SUED AND RUN OUT OF BUSINESS, SO NO ONE ELSE GETS RIPPED OFF!


  • Name: Thrifty Propane
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Geneva
  • Address:
  • Phone: 1-800-879-3152
  • Website:

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