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Complaint: I started 8 years ago sending in quotes to lead on Thumbtack that were inquiring about services I provide. They used to send hundreds a day, and they were always high quality leads. I was able to run a tutoring company with all my leads coming from Thumbtack. They told me when I noticed stuff was different that they changed the business to be an entirely new business model and way ran. Since then I get charged for receiving a message from someone, charged if the someone askes about my schedule and they can leave reviews on your service if you never were hired and never gave the service. They say the policy states that we should only have to pay when a lead hires us. Well that is not what they enforce. I have asked for refunds many times from them charging me just to get an email, and charging me to receive a request of my available times, and many other things that are not one time charge for the lead that hires you. Emailing costs money on the site. I have lost hundreds of dollars and made many complaints with management telling them I have been with them for nearly 10 years and asking, if this is what I deserve after so many years as a customer? She said we treat all customers the sme. Well, says what those who are new or not loyal are going to face, STAY AWAY UNTIL YOU WANT TO BE RIPPED OFF!

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