Thumbtack Wake Forest North Carolina


Complaint: In many ways, it’s hard to deny that Thumbtack is a scam. Thumbtack operates on the very same principle as Las Vegas – let someone win a couple of times, and you’ve got them hooked. From then on, feed them just enough of a glimmer of hope that they’ll pull that lever again and again. I’ve used Thumbtack for my web design business. Out of over 40 “quotes”” (“”quotes”” is in parenthesis for a reason)

Tags: Online Business

Address: I’ve gotten only 2 jobs. Most of the others I’ve never heard from after I bid. Certainly the possibility exists that my “”quotes”” are either too low or too high

Website: I would certainly expect to get a response from the requester asking if I was serious. Conversely

Phone: but I’ve done some experimentation in that aspect. I’ve bid stupidly low and stupidly high prices for basic website design

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