Tiara Sade Miller – Las Vegas, Nevada Nevada


This girl is crazy and really needs a check. She met a guy named Dante on Facebook, she started buying him and promising him a car. Anytime he tried to leave she would bribe him with money and excuses about the car. Then she heard about Kristal, a girl he’s been on and off with for a decade and even after finding out that they still had dealings she didn’t wanna leave him alone. Eventually she starting doing research on Kristal, trying to find out about her personal life and where she lives. She found out and started going by there while she knew Dante was there to leave little tips in the driveway. She found Kristal on Facebook and one day she got the courage to call her and ask about the relationship with Dante. Kristal told her everything and even let her know that they were off at the time, but still seeing each other. Tiara did a 3-way call with Dante and Kristal and begged him to choose her or she’d cut off all finances. Dsnte told her that he’d never act like Kristal was nothing to him and told Tiara she wasn’t gonna leave Kristal alone. Little did Tiara know her craziness would be the key to bring Kristal and Dante back together. Tiara didn’t like that so she kept giving Dante money, offering to take him out to eat and buying him shoes and more to stay in his life. She kept harassing Kristal and having friends play on her phone saying she was having Dante’s baby. Kristal paid her back by Googling the ultrasound image she sent and posting it on social media. The image was from a woman in Mexico’s ultrasound lol. Dante decided to cut Tiara off and him and Kristal ended up moving to a new place, changing their numbers and trying to start over and putting their issues behind them. Tiara was not happy at all. She paid to get a private investigator to track down where they lived and began coming by the house late nights. She threw nail polish all over Kristal’s car, she came back & spray painted “bitch” all over the front of their house and it got to the point they file restraining orders on her. Dante finally decided it was time to take Kristal to her house and Kristal went right up to the door demanding she come outside. Tiara was so scared, she would not come downstairs. After that things died down. But then came Thanksgiving and she began writing Dante from her friends Facebook page, she was making all kinds of crazy threats towards Kristal and Dante told her if she wanted to do anything she should’ve came outside when they came to her house. He blocked the friends page and about an hour later she came to their house and threw a rock through the window. On Thanksgiving???? What is wrong with this loser??? Who has time to stalk people instead of being thankful and spending time with their family on a holiday? Team scary, team dumb, team loser, team I want your man, team come back Dante, team get a life. I had to defriend that ho after she got me and my man involved in her lies.

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