Tiarra Norcross – Newton, Massachusetts Massachusetts


Tiarra, this thing cannot be trusted. i dont know her exact age but I am assuming 30-34 years old. She broke up my best friends family. She had an affair with my friends husband. She was sending him naked photos, dirty texts, sexual desires and wants , anything and everything basically. I think she used to do exotic dancing on the side back when she lived in the south. She used to work at channel 7 but got fired for hooking up with her boss, and not being a ” model” employee. She ruined a family. She messed with a marriage, and knew he was happily married. Once a man says hes married, he should be OFF limitz. She rolls with another blonde who engages in the same activities. This ex dancer cant be trusted. FIND YO own man girl. You knew he was married. Why be dirty and hook up with him and send a photo to him without yo drawers on. Sad a famiy is still broken from this, and will NEVER be the same.

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