Ticket Fulfillment Services LP Review


I ordered 4 ticket for PBR in Vegas tickets were suppose to be $63.00 each and 4 were ordered but when email was received charge was for $253.00 each and a service charge of 293.48 shipping charge of $14.95. Total charge was $1,320.43. I was out raged at this and disputed with credit card company in which I received letter stating all sales final from Ticket Fulfillment Service and charge was re-applied to card. Now I am reading that they do not email tickets and they will be at will call. Other complaints that when you go to pick up tickets at will call there are none! I am sending letter to credit card company to further investigate complaint and re-credit my account. This is OUTRAGEOUS!


  • Name: Ticket Fulfillment Services LP
  • Country: United States
  • State: Delaware
  • City: Seaford
  • Address: 23000 Sussex Highway #232
  • Phone: (844) 224-5243
  • Website:

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