Tiffany Amber Addison Lewis – Wooster, Ohio Ohio


Hello. My name is Tiffany Amber Addison Lewis. I also have several other names I go by. Tiffany Lewis, Amber, Tiffany Addison, Tiffany Amber Addison or Lewis. I was born November 24 1977. I am a horrible person. My whole life has been spent hurting everyone around me. I have little education but will pretend Iím a deep thinker. I have spent most my life prostituting myself on backpage, erotic monkey, a sexy service and every other prostitution/ body rub site on the internet. Iíve ruined families, slept with men for money… stolen… done drugs, and for the life of me I canít stop lying about exactly how I make my money. I pretend to have real businesses while robbing people blind. I am a mother of 2 children. 2 children I didnít raise. I never even paid child support. I was too busy screwing married men for money… and using old men to finance my drug habit. I could of been a decent mom… but I wanted fake tits… and Botox. I know this is vain… but as a working girl, I have to try and keep up appearances. I couldnít waste my money on raising them. Iím a selfish piece of sh#t that only thinks about myself. My criminal record is a mile long… and so are all the addresses I have had in Ohio. I am a waste of life. Karma is a bitch… my time is coming. Photoshop can only do so much and time isnít good to anyone who lives my deceitful and disgusting life style. Im going to die alone wishing I was a decent person. I have no conscious. Most psychopaths don’t. I bitch and complain about our corrupt government… yet Iím part of the problem. I am corrupt. I add nothing to society. I support drugs, prostitution… and the stripping of morals in America. I sell my used up p***y and in turn support child trafficking… drug trafficking and anything else that is against the law. I will sleep with any man who has the cash. I am a true home wrecker.

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