Tiffany Blades – West Frankfort, Illinois Illinois


This is Tiffany. Tiffany actively pursues relationships with married men. She is usually married herself at the time. She has broken up at least three marriages. Tiffany was talking to a married man that was reconciling with his wife after a separation, and purposefully got in the way of their planned reconciliation. She knew that he had been planning on moving back in with his wife and daughter and played on his mental illness to manipulate him into staying with them. She used pills and guilt to lure him in, telling him her daughter from another extramarital affair was his, when itís a well known fact that he canít even have kids. She now claims to be engaged to a married man that hasnít even filed for divorce, while still married to her fourth husband. Tiffanyís a bitch. Donít be like Tiffany.

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