Tiffany Brooke Birch “Spain” – Eagen, Minnesota Minnesota


Tiffany Brooke Birch and I met when we were about 15 years old, in a center for adolescents with behavioral and emotional struggles; when I went on and got a life and a husband, she went on and got knocked up by 5 different guys before the age of 24. I married the man I thought was “My Superman” in 2016, and Tiffany, still my friend on Facebook, was just our biggest fan. Always hearting our pictures and saying how much she loved and adored our family. We lived in Grand Forks ND, six hours away from her harmless ass. I always took it as care and support… Until Robert went full Chris-Brown on my a$$, and I kicked him out of my apartment and he had to find something easy to bury his sorrows in the vagina of. Less than a week after he moved out, I found them interacting on Fetlife. I messaged her directly and asked how she thought as a woman, a friend, or a mother than shacking up with a man who has a standing RO for domestic violence, and was living in a homeless shelter refusing to see or provide for his own two children, was a wise idea? She herself was 7 months pregnant with baby #5, and living at the homeless shelter in Eagen. They met in person 3 or 4 times when he took the bus out there, and within a month she started using his (still mine, too, we aren’t legally divorced yet, unfortunately!) last name on Facebook. Posting constant things that mimick pictures he and I took together in undeniably intentional ways. Recycling the songs he and I had together. Calling him the same nicknames I called him. Just being eerily creepy. He was even who played baby daddy in the pictures of her baby when she had it just last week. Meanwhile he’s still hitting up his baby mama behind Tiffany’s back, talking about how much he misses his youngest son, and her. Talking about how he wishes they could work sh*t out so he could come home, cuz he’s sleeping on church floors every night, and working at some dumb a$$ Super America in Eagen when he’s a certified Aircraft Mechanic. They had Christmas pictures “as a family” with her, all her mixed race babies, and him. He looks miserable. She’s passing him off like he’s the love of her life, a steal, when he openly told people he only chose someone off my friends list to try and get back to me, and he still talks to our mutual friends about missing me, and never even mentions he has a girlfriend. Doesn’t let any of her tagged posts show on his timeline. It’s just a matter of time until they show eachother their true colors! Lol. She’s a gold digging HOMEWRCKER. He’s a liar with thousands in debt and a tendency to beat the sh*t out of women who confront him on it. Make sure you give them a good laugh if you ever see him playing daddy to her slew of black babies in a Walmart in Eagen. Lol.

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